• Flashback
    Aug 17


    Recently I had a chance to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in over a year.  We both share common passion for tuning cars.  Met 10 years ago during one of the local car meets – I got so interested in his turbo pieces (he was looking to install on his ride) that…

  • G35: foggy headlights
    Jun 15

    G35: foggy headlights

    Tired of foggy headlights? Try this… Before: 45 mins later: The product I used was Turtlewax headlight restore.

  • Random reunite
    Jun 15

    Random reunite

    I came back from superstore to find another g35x parked beside mine :). Fun sight…

  • What if your G35 trunk does not open
    Apr 06

    What if your G35 trunk does not open

    Symptom: You press trunk release, G35 beeps but trunk doesn’t open. Cause: The likely cause is that winter ice has helped to sever your trunk electrical cables. Solution: fix them. After fix:

  • DIY: Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump Install on S14
    Jan 05

    DIY: Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump Install on S14

    For those of you requiring more fuel for turbo applications, Walbro 255 lph (liters per hour) offers a good solution to help ensure that your engine doesn’t starve when your stock pump can’t deliver enough fuel to your oversize injectors. For stock applications, it will not get more fuel into your engine as the FPR…

  • Mountain Lion OSX Kernel Panic Shutdown / Reboot
    Sep 20

    Mountain Lion OSX Kernel Panic Shutdown / Reboot

      For several days now I’ve had random occurrences where laptop would mysteriously shutdown.  To give you a bit of background on the laptop, it is: Macbook Pro Mid-2010 2.4ghz 15″ with 8gb upgraded ram. I noticed that the lid in the center appears to be a bit soft on the macbook pros.  Today while…

  • DIY: Valve Cover Painting
    Jan 26

    DIY: Valve Cover Painting

    Valve cover painting is one of my favorite diy’s.  Granted it’s nothing fancy like powder coating, it still adds something cool to the unique setup.  I try to make each valve cover bit different from the other. To clean, prepare & paint a valve cover expect to spend good 7-8 hours of mostly wait time…

  • DIY: Balljoint replacement.
    Aug 12

    DIY: Balljoint replacement.

    Back in June I replaced my balljoint – the whole process took very little time because of a rental tool I got from Partsource. NOTE: I was advised that it might be too big to work on the 240sx – it takes a bit of figuring out how to put the plate pieces in place…

  • S: Steering feels loose (shifts) when entering a high speed turn.
    Aug 12

    S: Steering feels loose (shifts) when entering a high speed turn.

    S: Steering feels loose (shifts) when entering a high speed turn. When going fast (highway) and turning the wheel to follow an arc or turn, car jolts / shifts and makes steering more difficult to keep in line. It feels like car shifted weight for a moment and now it’s moving left or right in…

  • DIY: Auxiliary Air Control Valve
    Feb 27

    DIY: Auxiliary Air Control Valve

    Happy belated New Year! This is a DIY idea for those of you that have experience issues with Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) acting up or just interfering with tuning altogether. On some newer EMS systems, it is possible to control IACV for tuning purposes but in this DIY, I’ll demonstrate another way to do…

  • DIY: Exhaust Support Bracket
    Jan 03

    DIY: Exhaust Support Bracket

    I’ve waited a while before posting this item as I wasn’t sure how it would turn out until I’ve run it for a while. Most people are aware that tubular manifolds are prone to crack from the vibrations of the exhaust downpipe starting with the 4th runner. On my old manifold I noticed that all…

  • DIY: 240sx windshield wiper replacement info
    Dec 15

    DIY: 240sx windshield wiper replacement info

    In case you need to replace windshield wipers in your nissan 240sx, the following information will help you identify the lengths of each wiper blade depending on the car model. Nissan 240sx – S13 (1989-1993) Driver side – 20″ (inches) Passenger side – 20″ (inches) Rear/Hatch – 20″ (inches) Nissan 240sx – S14 (1995-1998) Driver…

  • DIY: Boost Leak Tester
    Jun 04

    DIY: Boost Leak Tester

    Here’s one idea how to do boost leak testing: Hook up one end of you boost leak tester to the intercooler piping and the other end to the air compressor valve or pump. Pressurize the intercooler piping and use 5/8″ hose to listen in & pinpoint any air leaks. You can do boost leak testing…

  • DIY: Wastegate Actuator Arm Pin
    Jan 07

    DIY: Wastegate Actuator Arm Pin

    Shakespeare: To boost or not to boost… When the pin for the actuator arm on my internally gated T25 came off and flew somewhere during a trip, I made a quick wire solution at a gas station so that I could get by without having my ride experience ruined by something so small. Over time…

  • DIY: MC-505 Portamento potentiometer repair
    Jun 18

    DIY: MC-505 Portamento potentiometer repair

    Some new DIY projects… Please check out this link to view the diy guide: A short tune after repair with mc-505, roland xp50 and korg x3. korg x3: elec guitar roland xp50: piano, strings roland mc505: everything else MC505.mp3 a short tune test if mc505 works

  • June ’09: KA-T4 Build
    Jun 06

    June ’09: KA-T4 Build

    Hia people… A quick update on ka-t3: it’s running good + good compression – over 1050 km on it (broken on on stock s14 ka24de ecu + safc)  – time to start boosting   In the mean time I’ve torn apart the older motor (ka-t2) to start working on it… Just a quick spirit booster……

  • DIY: Ring alignment tool
    Jun 06

    DIY: Ring alignment tool

    Here is a good way to quickly fabricate an alignment tool for the piston rings… To get your alignment print-out tool: 1. Open your factory service manual (FSM) to the engine rebuild page which shows the piston ring alignment. 2. Copy (hit print-system request button). 3. Open your favorite image editing application and select EDIT->PASTE…

  • KA-T3
    Dec 26


    Recent Addons: Nissan ’93 Quest alternator upgrade, TurboXS Knocklite. Stock internals +: Felpro gasket, 9.2:1 compression altima 98+ pistons, ACL main & rod bearings, ARP 10 mm head bolts, Block cylinders honed & glazed, head rebuilt & tested in home garage… Tuning: Emance ECU, SAFC2, N60 MAF, 480cc s15 injectors, AEM Fuel pressure regulator, LC1 Wideband,…

  • DIY: Retrieving ECU Codes – 240sx / s14 (OBD1 – 1995)
    Dec 09

    DIY: Retrieving ECU Codes – 240sx / s14 (OBD1 – 1995)

    This is an overview on code retrieval for Nissan 240sx / S14 with OBD1 ECU – KA24DE motor (1995).  This DIY along with the OBD1 ECU error codes may also work on other versions of 240sx, but you may want to verify your own information.  Please note that the error codes were sourced from 1995…

  • DIY: Taking out a seized stud
    Dec 08

    DIY: Taking out a seized stud

    There are many ways to remove a seized stud – easiest way – get a stud extractor.  But if you don’t have one, here is a diy that will help you remove the stud without damaging it.

  • DIY: T25 Rebuild
    Nov 26

    DIY: T25 Rebuild

    Some people may argue that a rebuilt turbo will fail within weeks, etc.  I’ve run mine for over a year now.  I agree – new turbo is much more fine tuned and with new parts it may run longer given same type of abuse.  This article won’t go into debates about new / used turbos, running coolant…

  • DIY: S14->S13 Harness Conversion (KA24DE)
    Nov 26

    DIY: S14->S13 Harness Conversion (KA24DE)

    Hia people… For this project, you will need: Unused s14 ecu (to cut out the connector from it) s13 harness plug with wires non-working power supply. * I prefer reusing/recycling so power supply seemed like a good source for “free” 18 AWG wire.  When taking the wire, make sure to test continuity with voltmeter to ensure your…

  • DIY: Removing Pilot Bushing (Inside Motor Shaft)
    Nov 19

    DIY: Removing Pilot Bushing (Inside Motor Shaft)

    This is a quick and cheap way to remove pilot bushing from the shaft without purchasing “special tools”. Take a decent size bolt and 5/8″ hose, put the bolt in 1/3rd of the way into the house – you may have to turn it a bit by hand to get it in to the hose……

  • S: Car doesn’t crank over.  Battery regularly loses juice.
    Nov 06

    S: Car doesn’t crank over. Battery regularly loses juice.

    C: Likely cause – drained battery / short circuit in the system. Solution: Test voltage on the battery – anything below 12v is bad news – try to charge it up. (some notes coming on how to verify battery’s charging ability based on amps) To test for short circuit in the system, do the following:…

  • DIY: Making soft gaskets
    Aug 30

    DIY: Making soft gaskets

    You can make custom soft gaskets really easy and save quite a lot of money.  By “soft gaskets”, I am referring to gaskets that are not do not include steel gaskets such as the ones used for exhaust, etc.  Soft gaskets can be used to provide a good seal against oil and air leaks.  I…

  • DIY: Gauge Pod
    Aug 30

    DIY: Gauge Pod

    Here is an example of a pod I made for a friend. After measuring & marking the gauge circle cuts on the wood, using hole cut outs I cut out 2 1/16″ holes, spray-protected the pod with moisture resistant wood varnish. Example of hole cutout set I used to make the gauge pod – click here to see how…

  • S: Gauge shows low vacuum while idling
    Jun 04

    S: Gauge shows low vacuum while idling

    S: Your gauge shows low vacuum idling.  Car feels very shaky – may stall if revved & throttle is released. C: There could be several causes why vacuum is low. Starting with the easiest to the more painful to fix, here they are: 1. vacuum leak(s) on the intake piping (usually via vacuum hoses or cracks…

  • S: On a hot day, if you start to lose brakes (T25/KA-T)…
    May 27

    S: On a hot day, if you start to lose brakes (T25/KA-T)…

    S: On a hot day, you start to lose brakes after boosting for a while.  Brake pedal will get spongy and start to travel closer and closer to the floor as if there was a leak somewhere in the brake lines.  Brakes come back to normal operation few hours later once car is cool again. C:…

  • SAFC 2: Our own free tuning tool!!!
    May 09

    SAFC 2: Our own free tuning tool!!!

    A quick generic tool for Ms Excel /  Open Office Spreadsheet to help pick tuning settings based on throttle / hi / lo points…

  • Hum without rattle
    May 07

    Hum without rattle

    There was a nissan advisory somewhere on removing the top & 2nd chain guide for ka24de since they used to wear and cause damage when they broke into pieces and fell further into parts under timing cover. Here’s a quick diagram on what to get rid of.  For that you just remove top valve cover…

  • DIY: Increasing boost on stock wastegate actuator
    May 07

    DIY: Increasing boost on stock wastegate actuator

    One way to increase boost without using the spring is to partially block the boost line going to the actuator – thereby preventing the boost from pushing on the wastegate actuator – that is how many boost controllers do it. Please be careful when using this technique as boost can rise to max out the…

  • DIY: Aftermarket Wheel Swap
    May 07

    DIY: Aftermarket Wheel Swap

    Based on bunch of useful articles I found on the web – I’ve done the wheel swap..             Horn connection inside the steering wheel hub… One of the horn signals is conducted back through the mass…               If there’s enough interest, I might add…

  • Consult Interface: Useful tool for getting data from your car…
    May 07

    Consult Interface: Useful tool for getting data from your car…

    You can download free copy of conzult software and buy a circuit board which interfaces directly to your nissan consult port via your laptop…  It shows bunch of useful real time parameters such as timing, coolant temperature, maf sensor voltage, etc. Easy to plug in… Works with new & old laptops – if your laptop…

  • DIY: Something on Relays
    May 07

    DIY: Something on Relays

    How to use relays inside your car…

  • SAFC2: Knocking set reaching warp 10?
    May 06

    SAFC2: Knocking set reaching warp 10?

    Anybody that uses safc for a while may notice that knock values rise with temperature outside, especially with sun out.  There are debates on how accurate the knock reading is – I think it’s alright – it did pick up some values when it run lean for for me so I added extra fuel and…

  • DIY: Temporary MAF Plug
    May 06

    DIY: Temporary MAF Plug

    Ok guys – I run into this before with a friend who’s plug broke off wires near the nissan 240sx MAF plug and he needed something to work for him for few days.  Yeah it’s got scent of ghetto but it works..  It probably will work with other ones as well – it sits tight…

  • DIY: Stripped Screw Removal
    May 06

    DIY: Stripped Screw Removal

    Here is an example of how to remove a screw when the head has been stripped and space is somewhat limited. Important to remember: safety first when working with tools especially around fuel injectors. Goggles, gloves and fire extinguisher on hand is a good thing.  

  • SAFC2 Settings for different mafs / injectors
    May 06

    SAFC2 Settings for different mafs / injectors

    Just some notes from diy tuning – please chime in and help if you got good ideas.. A bit of mickey-mousing going on unfortunately to get it running since each each setup is a bit different. Based on KA24DE-T.. I found some cool things about safc 2… Settings that worked… I heard of 2 IN…

  • KA24DE: ECU Open loop
    May 06

    KA24DE: ECU Open loop

    Something I picked up from the manual… *** Note: On 240sx, OBD 1 is easily identifiable since it will have 2 oxygen sensors instead of 3 as OBD 2 system uses. *** Here is some things that will not cause open loop on your KA24DE OBD1 ECU (years ’90-early ’95): -IAT sensor (diagnostic item only)…

  • S: Car bogs, chokes when driving (rich exhaust)
    May 06

    S: Car bogs, chokes when driving (rich exhaust)

    S: Car bogs, sometimes chokes when driving, runs rich.  SAFC cannot seem to subtract enough fuel, CONZULT shows rich mixture always below 0.5v (RICH) for front o2 sensor (OBD1). ** IF YOU HAVE A TURBOED CAR, CHECK THIS POST ALSO REGARDING CAR BOGGING UNDER ACCELERATION. Replacing front oxygen sensor seems to help temporarily but quickly…

  • S: Car breaking up when throttled
    May 06

    S: Car breaking up when throttled

    S: When you rev the motor, car cannot go above certain rpm (often over 3k rpm).  It is indication of open loop as far as measuring air input. C: No signal from MAF or MAF voltage static low ~ 0.2v for example (ecu sees it as error and runs open loop based on throttle input…

  • S: Bouncy idle between 1500-2500  (KA24DE-T)
    May 06

    S: Bouncy idle between 1500-2500 (KA24DE-T)

    S: Car would bog down with idle hovering up and down especially after car warmed up. KA-T bad idle – video #1 C: 1 or 2 issues. Found: -Clogged IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) sticking on return -TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) out of spec — was 0.78v @ no throttle — changed to 0.45v -Another…

  • DIY: Cpu fan replacement
    Dec 19

    DIY: Cpu fan replacement

    We have another DIY article based on something that happened to my older backup computer. Between loose wiring, dirt and curious fingers – the fan lost 2 blades and caused the whole PC case to wobble shaking the video card out of agp port causing crashes. The cost of this DIY is $0 assuming you…