SAFC2: Knocking set reaching warp 10?

May 06


Anybody that uses safc for a while may notice that knock values rise with temperature outside, especially with sun out.  There are debates on how accurate the knock reading is – I think it’s alright – it did pick up some values when it run lean for for me so I added extra fuel and it’s been sitting at 0 (calibrated) so that’s good.  As far as extreme knock values – some of it is due to hotter running motor but a lot of it has to due with the fact that SAFC 2 doesn’t do so well in the sun or heat blowing at it from the air vents.

In the picture above, I calibrated my knock already and it was showing value over 200 – my motor should have been shaking and choking – and it was pretty smooth.  At first I was concerned about the knock level until I noticed how hot it got on the black bezel behind it in the sun.  Since then – I’ve tested couple of more things to be sure – but yes – safc 2 (at least the knock value) is affected by the hot air.  If I place safc 2 near vent and turn on some warm air, my knock level goes from 0 to about 10-15.  In the direct sun, I got over 200 that time — so before you guys panic about your motor — make sure your safc is cool.

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