SAFC2 Settings for different mafs / injectors

May 06


Just some notes from diy tuning – please chime in and help if you got good ideas.. A bit of mickey-mousing going on unfortunately to get it running since each each setup is a bit different.

Based on KA24DE-T.. I found some cool things about safc 2…

Settings that worked…

I heard of 2 IN 5 OUT being the common one recommended. It didn’t work for me.

1) T25 / N60 MAFS / 370 cc injectors — 2 IN 6 OUT

2 in 6 out worked best. I’ve tried other settings but usually these caused the AFRs to dip temporarily into lean region before returning to around 11 when boosting. It looks like the MAF range wasn’t read correctly and this caused the issues.

My THR points are: LO 3 HI 32

So my low range covers idle and when I let off the throttle.

(going to post actual #’s soon)

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