DIY: Removing Pilot Bushing (Inside Motor Shaft)

Nov 19

This is a quick and cheap way to remove pilot bushing from the shaft without purchasing “special tools”.

Take a decent size bolt and 5/8″ hose, put the bolt in 1/3rd of the way into the house – you may have to turn it a bit by hand to get it in to the hose…

Now put in inside the pilot bushing hole.. ensure the hose sits right up against the end of the pilot bushing hole. Now all you have to do is either push in the bolt further into the hose or turn the bolt clockwise so it goes further into the hose causing the hose to expand inside the pilot bushing.. since the hose will fit snug inside the pilot bushing, u can pull out easily..

A quick note:

Keep it straight when pulling it out – to avoid scratching and also – the tolerances for the bushing size are precise so unless you keep it straight – it might get stuck. If it gets stuck.. just rock it gently back in and try again.

Oh yeah – when you’re putting on a new clutch kit.. don’t reuse the old bushing..

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