DIY: Retrieving ECU Codes – 240sx / s14 (OBD1 – 1995)

Dec 09

This is an overview on code retrieval for Nissan 240sx / S14 with OBD1 ECU – KA24DE motor (1995).  This DIY along with the OBD1 ECU error codes may also work on other versions of 240sx, but you may want to verify your own information.  Please note that the error codes were sourced from 1995 Factory Service Manual for Nissan 240sx.  Having said that, let’s get going…

And here is the link to the MS Excel sheet featuring the list of Nissan 240sx OBD1 ECU codes.

Some notes on retrieving codes:

-codes will follow consecutively one another followed by a long pause – for example:

you might get code 12 (if MAF signal is bad) then long pause then code 25 (IACV / IAAV) and then long pause again and they’ll keep looping so if you miss them first time around, you’ll be able to pick them out soon again.

-Code 55 (5 long flashes followed by pause and 5 short flashes) indicates that there is no error.  This will also show up when you reset the ECU codes.  Basically it means: no error code was stored.


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