Dec 26

Recent Addons:

Nissan ’93 Quest alternator upgrade, TurboXS Knocklite.

Stock internals +:

Felpro gasket, 9.2:1 compression altima 98+ pistons, ACL main & rod bearings, ARP 10 mm head bolts, Block cylinders honed & glazed, head rebuilt & tested in home garage…


Emance ECU, SAFC2, N60 MAF, 480cc s15 injectors, AEM Fuel pressure regulator, LC1 Wideband, and the rest of goodies to make it run…



Slight alterations to the stock manifold. No valve of any kind on it; pcv recirculated.  Changes to oil lines & vacuum block as well to make this more modular.

Just oil pan, fuel rail and some other pieces and it’s ready to go…  Started the swap already w/some changes to the setup…  Here is the picture of the motor together…  The hose sticking out is the new spare hose that will be going to a small vacuum manifold (not sure of the best placement yet).  Advantages:

  • Instead of teeing into fuel pressure regulator vacuum source with gauge – it can have a separate source.  I am hoping this would give FPR slightly more response when coming back to vacuum state (lower fuel pressure) as that’s a tiny 1/8″ line feeding gauge and fpr.
  • Running BOV from the vacuum manifold instead of brake master vacuum source (centralized).  Too many sources running off single limited size line will reduce the effective vacuum going to the devices.  Maybe it won’t make much difference but it’s an improvement never the less.
  • future addon: 1 spare port for GM 3 bar map sensor – for safc 2 LO->HI THR switchover point.

Short video snapshots of parts of build.. disregard the paint overspray on the bottom of the block – has been cleaned up.   Along with block surface.

KA-T3 Rebuild

Out with the old – in with the new…

Yey – she runs good – compression is 185-187 psi all across after 12 km drive.

Update – 8000 km after rebuild running 7 psi. Runs great. Slight build up of carbon on #1 & #4 — compression #’s for cylinders 1->4 (195, 189, 189, 191). Injector cleaner should be able to clean that up and gap spark plugs.

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