DIY: Wastegate Actuator Arm Pin

Jan 07

Shakespeare: To boost or not to boost…

When the pin for the actuator arm on my internally gated T25 came off and flew somewhere during a trip, I made a quick wire solution at a gas station so that I could get by without having my ride experience ruined by something so small. Over time I refined the idea of easily removable boost clip and use it during motor break-in while having the turbo already installed on the motor.

Here is the groove where the stock pin goes on the actuator arm.

This is the custom pin I came up with. Small handles facilitate easy installation.

The wire pin sits expanded in the groove area – easily sliding when the actuator moves thereby preventing arm lockup & boost creep.

I’ve been boosting with the same clip for 2 years now without issues.

No real point to explain how to cut the wire or make the shape with pliers :) I will just mention that there’s a reason why I chose the oval shape over the circular one – ease of removal and less friction – it easily slides along the rail when the arm moves. It is more “heavy duty” than it looks and you do need some finger-power to get it to open up for removal. If you wanted, you could file it down to fit squarely into the grooves