DIY: Exhaust Support Bracket

Jan 03

I’ve waited a while before posting this item as I wasn’t sure how it would turn out until I’ve run it for a while. Most people are aware that tubular manifolds are prone to crack from the vibrations of the exhaust downpipe starting with the 4th runner.

On my old manifold I noticed that all cracks start from the rear tube going to the front with 4th one having the most damage, 3 less and so on. I noticed my first manifold tube was ok, but the 3 others had cracks. This makes sense with the idea that exhaust vibration and weight + heat expansion + cheap manifold all play a role in eventually having cracks appear & stuff breaking beginning with the last tube closest to the downpipe.

So I thought: why don’t we strengthen the rear & take some load off the exhaust 4th tube? At the same time help to reduce vibrations.

*note: I started with a mockup motor but eventually noticed that my 3″ exhaust elbow that’s on my current motor has slightly different layout so in the final pictures it will look not exactly fitting for the current elbow.*

Dabbed too many weld tears on there… prototyping :)

And the final product (on the actual motor – not the mockup):

So far I’ve noticed no issues with it. It keeps it firmer. Obviously time will tell if the extra support aided in distributing the weight & vibrations…