Mountain Lion OSX Kernel Panic Shutdown / Reboot

Sep 20


For several days now I’ve had random occurrences where laptop would mysteriously shutdown.  To give you a bit of background on the laptop, it is:

Macbook Pro Mid-2010 2.4ghz 15″ with 8gb upgraded ram.

I noticed that the lid in the center appears to be a bit soft on the macbook pros.  Today while being on the bus, I noticed that several times during the ride the laptop would shut off or reboot with weird panic messages.  Until I pressed the bottom of it on purpose and found that screen flickers a bit and all operations including cursor movement stops.  I have to open and see it but my initial feeling is that it causes some sort of signal short possibly through video which causes system to halt.  As I am typing now, I got it on edges on my knees and no issues since, but I’ve been able to replicate the issue successfully by touching the center.  Maybe some component shorts against the aluminum shell.

At first I theorized it might have to do with the G-sensor built in or the malfunction of lid-open sensor for sleep as I’ve heard that ML (Mountain Lion) has been known on some systems to have issues with waking from sleep.  Something of an annoyance: while using dreamweaver, it happened.  It wiped my server settings and part of keychain (probably happened during hd-write and corrupted some file) :(

I’ll update this thread after careful testing… Stay tuned :)